Trigona Prince Palace


City Center
Gross area
600 sqm
€ 600,000

Main features

- Historic Palace (XVI c.);
- Magnificent Ballroom with Fresco Ceiling;
- Overlooking the sicilian countryside;
- Flexible Use of Spaces.


- Piazza Armerina / Enna 50 km;
- Catania 75 km;
- Taormina / Syracuse / Agrigento 125 km;
- Noto 150 km.

About property

Floor Plan Agira

There’s really a lot about this wonderful Sixteenth-Century palace that makes its guest feel like a prince: not only the ancient Trigona family (Sant’Elia princes), illustrious ancient owners of this magnificent villa. Lavish rooms, exclusive spaces, breath-taking glances, Gattopardo-like atmospheres taking you back to a time that can only be imagined elsewhere, and so much more.

Located upon a mountain within the Agira district, the Trigona Prince Palace is a place where the history of the great ancient Sicilian aristocracy and timeless inland traditions tie together with the light and clean air and the wide, boundless horizons of the area of Enna and the Erei mountains. Gentle hills and low mounts as far as the eye can see, and in the background there it is, another king: the great Etna, standing out against the blue Sicilian sky.

And then, the building is more than suitable for a prince. Wrought iron, decorations, friezes, a hypogeum from the Fourth Century in the courtyard… And an ancient, magnificent ballroom, majestically decorated with frescoes: the perfect place to bring exclusive and luxurious atmospheres back to life – really one of a kind. Together with such an aristocratic space, there is really a lot to discover within this palace, that offers infinite possibilities: the first floor (285 sqm) has a 90-meters vault with Pollaci frescos (decoration in gold); the second floor is 170 sqm large. And the attic has been recently renovated with in-view beams: there’s a wide space to imagine all the solutions you can develop to make this wonderful ancient piece of history shine again.

The structural conditions of the building are good, the interiors need renovation.

The portion of the building for sale consists of the 1st floor, 2nd floor, attic, courtyard and underground rooms.

Agira and surroundings

History is certainly the keyword to understand the value, the beauty and the importance of the places surrounding Trigona Prince Palace. From Agira, an important ancient Greek town that gave birth to Diodorus Siculus (to whom we owe a monumental “universal history”), to Piazza Armerina, an ancient Greek colony as well, that houses the magnificent UNESCO world heritage Villa Romana del Casale with its amazing, renowned mosaic that have recently been restored. Enna, the main city of this province, is rich of history and traditions as well, with its ancient brotherhoods and religious rituals, and used to be constantly contended in the past thanks to its peculiar position – it’s actually the highest district in Italy, hence its nickname “Belvedere della Sicilia” (Sicily’s best overlook). The panoramas you can enjoy from this quiet town dominating the Dittaino valley in the East, and the Salso valley in the West, are as unlosable as unique: from the Erei to the Madonie mounts, from the seaside to Mt. Etna. And right at the foot of Mt. Etna, here’s another wonderful centre: the timeless Catania, a UNESCO world heritage as well with its remarkable baroque buildings, always hanging between the blue waters that lightly touch its shore and the deep, prosperous ground of the Volcano.

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Net Area 450 sqm - Outside Area 240 sqm


First Floor (280 sqm)

  • 1  Fairy Ballrom Hall (Fresco Vault 90 sqm) ;
  •  14 Rooms in Total.

Second Floor (185 sqm)

  • 11 Rooms in Total;
  • Attic recently renovated with in-view beams.

Loft (65 sqm) and Terrace

  • attic truss
  • height 3 m

Courtyard and underground rooms.

  • hypogeum from the Fourth Century a.c.(20 sqm)
  • cellars (20 sqm)
  • Other annexes (35 sqm)
  • Courtyard (190 sqm)